Our Winter Season Is from November 15 to April 14 !!


Terms and conditions

  • The snow removal operations will start once 5 cm of snow are on the ground as measured by Environment Canada at Ottawa Airport.

  • Any objects buried in the snow in the driveway that the operator cannot see are not the responsibility of the company if damaged.

  • Cars are to be moved after the first pass so that the rest of the driveway can be cleared on the second pass.

  • The operator will not push under any overhead obstruction that is in the way of the equipment; if possible remove all basketball nets and trim all trees if asked to do so.

  • The client must have a driveway contract to be eligible for walkway clearing.

  • There is a limit of 300 cm of snow accumulation for the season. If the snowfall, as measured by Environment Canada at Ottawa Airport, goes above this amount, there will be a surcharge of $75.00 for every additional 50 cm or part thereof.

  • Markers will be placed at the end of the driveway and any obstructions that should be avoided.

  • Walk ways will be cleared after the snow storm or after every 10 cm of snowfall.

  • Any damages that have happened will be dealt with in a timely matter. Simple repairs will be carried out immediately. Damages to the landscaping from snow removal operations will be dealt with in the spring. Photographs, documenting the condition of the driveway, will be taken prior to commencement of the first snow removal.

  • The snow removal season will begin on November 15th and end on April 15th.

  • Payment is due at the time of signing the contract; if there are two payments, the second must be received by January 15th. If any of the payments are not received, the client will be notified that the payment has not been received and the contract will be canceled upon the next snowfall or within two weeks of the missed payment.


  •   Driveway Size

    Single car driveway - $300 Single and a half Driveway - $325 Double Driveway - $350

  •   Walk ways

    5 ft long - $75 5 - 10 ft long - $100

  •   Nota Bene

    The above are examples, actual costs may vary according to configuration and nature of the driveway and walkway.